Hello World

It’s official – we have a blog (finally)… and it is going to be epic.

Three years ago I started Epic Signal. The goal at the time was to fill a niche for brands that MCN’s, creative and media agencies were missing. 

With digital video becoming massively popular, but widely misunderstood, there was a need for an agency that could provide great client service around channel optimization, content strategy, and influencer marketing.

Over the past three years, we’ve grown a lot. Epic Signal has massively broadened its skillset – we’re now servicing brand needs across social media – from community management to launching the first ever creator driven brand MCN. We’ve got a deep bench of talent and expertise pushing to do great work.

A lot of other stuff has changed as well; we sold to Mekanism (and became a part of the awesome team there) and have grown from a staff of four to over thirty people across four offices.

Most of all, I’m incredibly grateful and proud of the awesome team we’ve put in place and culture we’ve developed. 

This blog will be a platform to showcase some of the great thinking and minds this team has. Enjoy!

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