YouTube Channel Optimization & Strategy

Epic Signal, a top-rated influencer marketing agency. We offer the best Youtube channel optimization and channel strategy services available. Our agencies are conveniently located in New York (NYC), San Francisco, Seattle and Chicago. 

Channel Optimization

With offices in New York, San Francisco, Chicago and Los Angeles, Epic Signal implements YouTube’s best practices to optimize brand channels. Channel optimization is critical to success on YouTube, because:

1) Subscribers watch 2x content of non-subscribers.

2) Custom thumbnails can drive 20% more engagement

3) ‘Related’ videos responsible for over 50% of video views

Channel Strategy

In addition to channel optimization, a cohesive YouTube programming strategy is critical to growth of a channel. Epic Signal collaborates with brands to create and implement YouTube content framework based off YouTube’s Hero, Hub, Hygiene strategy. 

Large-scale, tent pole events or ‘go-big’ moments designed to push your message out to the world and raise broad awareness.
These use major campaign and product launches to create major brand moments.
Regularly scheduled content designed to re-engage your core consumer and keep them coming back
back to engage with the brand through ongoing and regularly scheduled episodic content.
One off, and/or evergreen content that pulls consumers in to engage with brand by appealing to the target audience’s passion points and existing interests..