Amazon Couchland


The Challenge

To build upon the success of This Week on Fire, Epic Signal a was tasked with developing an Always On Social Strategy, rooted in content discovery, entertaining dialogue, and deep dives into super fandoms.


The Approach

Create a regularly scheduled, modular series called Couchland, that gives Amazon Fire TV the flexibility and creativity to talk about content in authentic and delightful ways.  Couchland is made up of 4 rotating segments that allow us to talk about all things happening in streaming, while showcasing Alexa skills and device value in relatable situations. 

The Results

This six episode series generated 269 pieces of content including:



Full Length Episodes

On Amazon Fire's YouTube Channel


GIFs + Stills

Featuring 3 prominent influencers



Video Segments

For Paid and Organic Use On Amazon Fire's YouTube Channel


Unique Social Assets

For Amazon Fire's Social Channels